Professional Links
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Learn about the national standards and practices of CPA’s.
Minnesota Society of CPA’s
Learn about the standards set by the state of Minnesota.

Government Links
Internal Revenue Service
Have a basic tax question? Need a specific form? This site can help.
Minnesota Department of Revenue
Good source for Minnesota state tax information or forms.
Assortment of Other Tax Links
This web site has a comprehensive list of various governmental tax related sites.
Uncle Fed
User friendly site loaded with tax information.
Applicable Federal Rates
Good source for determining the applicable Federal rate.
Minnesota Governmental Offices
Need to find a particular MN state law or office? This web site is the one.
Social Security Administration Online
Have a basic question regarding social security benefits? Check out this site.
Learn about the regulations governing banks or the financial position of your bank.

Other Links of Interest
Minnesota Higher Education Services Office
Excellenct resource for education planning, education costs, financial aid information, etc.
Golden Links Golf
Need to find a course to play, check out this site.
Tee Master
Book a tee time online or find a course.
Historical Interest Rates
This site contains historical charts of various interest rates.
Current Prime Rate
Need to know the current prime interest rate or other market rates, this site should help.
Money Magazine
This site has articles on what the experts say.
How much did my stock go up, you ask. This site tells all.
Missed the news last night? This site has all the latest news plus more.
If you have an outside activity planned and need to know if you should bring sunscreen or an umbrella, this site has the current and forecasted weather conditions for anywhere.
Intellicast Weather
For the true weather lover, this is the site for you.
Explore Minnesota
This site is an excellent one for planning a Minnesota vacation and finding ideas.
This site can provide a map or directions to a particular place and how many miles it is.
Want to know how your favorite professional team is doing? Check out this site.